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Throw Blankets and Scarves!

Time for a vacation?  I created this blanket for my recent trip

to Portugal and Spain - was wonderful to have a cozy piece

of home celebrating my incredible holiday!  Now to add photos to it!

Someone special in my life explained why my  
 vacations are so important,  and so much fun 
-- I am breaking the chains!     
I hope you have a wonderful vacation this year!!   


Looking for the perfect personalized gift?  We design and print beautiful, cozy 

throw blankets and scarves with your words and images!!

We ship all throw blanket orders by courier to ensure FAST and DEPENDABLE SHIPPING


All of our fleece blankets and scarves can be customized for your specific needs.  

We also have many products designed - take a look, and if you have any questions, 

please email me at  

Thank you!  



We have added Digital, Downloadable Greeting Cards to our shop!  

They are called Heart Notes!


Father's Day Card

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